About the Show

About the Show

Is your crowd a co-ed group of adults with a wide range of ages, religious beliefs, and possibly ethnicities? This makes it tougher to find something that everyone will like, and by which no one will be offended. (Robin is highly recommended in this situation).

Or is your crowd a homogenous group of male 25-30 year olds who are probably only offended if there is no off-color language, overt sexual remarks, no ‘blue’ humor, or racial indiscretions. (Robin’s show is definitely not recommended for this situation).



Your Options

1) Risky: In order to get laughs, many comics resort to using shock humor, by way of offensive language, or by pushing the boundaries of social taboos. Many find this to be offensive. It works in comedy clubs, with certain groups of young people, and on pay-per view specials. But it does not work in the corporate venue, where the risk of offending your audience could be the risking of your financial future! Imagine the humiliation of having to send out apology letters after your client appreciation event, or even having to slink down in your chair as you watch your important guests walk out in disgust. There are good clean comics out there, but they’re sometimes tough to find.

2) Less Risky: Some people like to suspend disbelief, allowing themselves to experience ‘magic’. But many people nowadays, know that magic is just ‘tricks’ and they’re being fooled, making them well, feel kinda foolish. As well, most magic is store-bought, the routine that comes with the ‘kit’ is the routine performed, resulting in a routine that doesn’t always match the performer. Some magicians buy ‘tricks’ and then take the time to craft routines that reflect their own personality. These are the magicians you want to look for. Get a good recommendation, and see some video.

3) Robin Chestnut – a sure-fire crowd pleaser. It’s a joy to watch anyone who is really great at what he does. It’s said that Robin’s show appeals to audiences ranging in age from 8-80. And here’s why, Robin reaches his audience in many ways. The show is visual, and highly skillful, there’s music, there’s clean comedy, there’s excitement through Robin’s stunts, and there’s the lighthearted ‘drama’ of getting the audience involved which makes the show even more memorable. But mainly, it’s Robin, he allows his own unique personality to shine through, and that’s what really appeals to audiences.

Robin Chestnut delivers a high impact, crowd pleasing show that will leave your corporate or conference audience holding their sides, shaking your hand, and thanking you for booking great entertainment today!

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